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Prague is considered the most interesting city for the visit of tourists in Central europe. In it to be many wonderful sights, historical monuments and other cultural centers. Plenty of bars bedded in town, restaurants and certainly beer. Nightly life in town is saturated, and tourists can be evicted to dawn. All more people aim to look sights of Prague, and the choice of rounds to Prague now is very various. Together with the choice of round it is possible to begin to look for an apartment in Prague.Prague Apartments Main

To find a cheap Prague Apartments not hardness, because the various variants of habitation are offered. Even if you did not have time to lease an apartments to arrival, then it always can be done, arriving in a city. It is everywhere possible to see announcements «Hand over an apartments in Prague».

The most widespread variant of residence is a lease of apartments in Prague. Rent depends on a district and transport availability. There is a lease in the central districts of cities, as a rule, dearer. In remote districts - below. Next to the tube stations or in districts with the built tube stations lease again higher.

Prague apartments and suites of rooms perfectly will walk up to the people which prefer nightly rest in Prague. They can long sleep from a morning, not thinking about early breakfast. Also, taking off an apartment or suites of rooms, you can substantially economize on a meal, because preparing is possible independently.

Except for it, prices on apartments in Prague cheaper, than in hotels - Prague apartments holiday. The cheap apartments in a center Prague have all necessary terms for a comfortable residence - both good high-quality furniture and repair, and comfortable situation.

Prague apartments rental

Looking for Prague apartments rentals, do not forget to visit us and estimate the most profitable offers we have. Situated in the centre of Prague, maximally close to the famous city sites and historical places, our apartments are ideal for spending several days of a short-term vacation, holidays, or a weekend.

Fully furnished and equipped with everything you need for being contented with convenient rest, Prague apartments rentals present a unique opportunity of unforgettable memories of travelling to the Czech Republic.

You are free to enjoy the conveniences of the apartments’ location, furnishing and design; each room has everything you need, and even more. The long-awaited silence is guaranteed: the suites’ windows lead to patios, not crowded and noisy streets. The hustle and bustle of the modern European capital will pass without affecting your comfort. Prague apartments rentals are designed for those who are tired of everyday activities, routine, and tedious homework, as well as for those who aspire to explore new horizons and geographical places. If this is about you, choose Prague apartments rentals, and you will never regret it.

Prague apartment 1 Jungmannova

You can take places in cosy one-room apartment in the centre to Prague, in three minutes of walking from the Wenceslas Square– the business and cultural centre of Prague. Numerous shops, restaurants, shopping centres and other entertaining institutions Here have settled down.

Rooms: 1 Bedrooms: 1 Persons: 3 Price from: 42 Euro

Location: street Jungmannova centre of Prague very close from Wenceslas Square.

Prague Apartment 2 Melantrichova

Cosy three-room apartment, located in a historical part of the Old city between the Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square in the street MELANTRICHOVA, will meet you with truly Czech hospitality and comfort.

Rooms: 2 Bedrooms: 1 Persons: 3 Price from: 45 Euro

Location: street Melantrichova, in 50 metres from Old Town Square

Prague Apartment 3 Melantrichova

If you dream to spend the rest in Prague, living in the big separate apartment with three rooms, and not caring of household difficulties, that, for certain, is necessary to you to liking apartments in the street MELANTRICHOVA.

Rooms: 2 Bedrooms: 1 Persons: 4 Price from: 49 Euro

Location: street Melantrichova very close from Old Town Square, only few steps

Prague apartment 4 Jungmannova

We are glad to offer you cosy three-room apartment in the middle Prague, near to the Wenceslas Squarein which with comfort it is possible to have a rest all family. Apartment it is calculated on 1-5 persons.

Rooms: 2 Bedrooms: 2 Persons: 5 Price from: 49 Euro

Location: street Jungmannova in the historical centre of Prague, Old city

Prague apartment 5 Betlemske Namesti

Modern two bedrooms , very spacious 80 m2 Prague apartment on the 2nd floor historical building, offer for you comfortable accommodation in Gold Prague and homely atmosphere . The building and our apartment after reconstruction in excellent condition.

Rooms: 2 Bedrooms: 2 Persons: 4 Price from: 49 Euro

Location: in the Old city Prague directly at Betlemske Square, Prague 1 – Stare Mesto. Few minutes walk from Charles Bridge and Old Town Square.

Prague apartment 6 Jungmannova

Expensive visitors of Prague, we are glad to offer you unforgettable rest in three-room apartment along the street Jungmannova. Here, in the heart of Golden Prague, you can take pleasure in a cosiness and comfort of residing in apartment where all is provided on the highest service.

Rooms: 2 Bedrooms: 2 Persons: 5 Price from: 49 Euro

Location: street Jungmannova in the Old city in 100 metres from Wenceslas Square

Prague apartment 7 Jungmannova

Own cosy one-room apartments are necessary for 1-3 persons in a historical part of Prague then we are ready to offer you them for you. apartment it is located in the street Jungmannova, close by the most popular for tourists and all Parisians of the Old Town Square.

Rooms: 1 Bedrooms: 1 Persons: 3 Price from: 42 Euro

Location: street Jungmannova centre of town with 2 minutes by foot from Wenceslas Square

Prague apartment 8 Narodni

Small one-room apartment is in the most favourable place: only five minutes of walking and before you the Old Town Square area with the Tynsky temple and a town hall with the well-known hours opens. The Wenceslas Square- the main city area, the business and cultural centre of Prague, surprising Karlov the bridge.

Rooms: 1 Bedrooms: 1 Persons: 3 Price from: 39 Euro

Location: street Narodni Old Town with great location near National Theatre

Prague apartment 9 Wenceslas Square

We suggest you to stop in comfortable three-room apartments, the area 65 m2 which are in the centre of Prague 1, it is direct on the Wenceslas Square about Vaclavske namesti if to be more exact in the middle of the most known area of Prague – Wenceslas Square.

Rooms: 3 Bedrooms: 2 Persons: 5 Price from: 56 Euro

Location: street Wenceslas Square directly in main Square of Prague .

Prague apartments - cheap accommodation

When looking for the cheapest accommodation in Prague apartments, pay attention to the central parts of the city instead of the suburbs. It is also recommended to prefer well-known apartment providers to over-expensive hotels since the living conditions in Prague cheap accommodation are always superior to those of the former. While economizing on rent payments, lucky guests of Prague apartments spend their holidays, a short-term vacation, or a city break with much more joy and comfort. Cheap accommodation in the center of Prague is popular with the capital’s visitors from all over the globe.


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Trips of Prague apartments


We go to the castle, originally a Gothic fortress Brandys nad Labem, the seat of emperors and kings. CECH Front Renaissance monument is a magnificent graffito výzdobou.Císař Rudolf II

Exhibition of LEGO

Phenomenal Lego is a toy called a century.

National Museum

We went on an excursion to the National Museum where the exhibition took place at the time entitled

Prague Vyšehrad

Vysehrad nearly as exciting moment, what we read in the work of Alois Jirasek.

South Tower St. Vitus accessible again

South Tower St. Vitus is again available. The tower is the highest church tower and its height is nearly 100 meters.

All Prague trips of Prague apartments
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