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When looking for the cheapest accommodation in Prague, pay attention to the central parts of the city instead of the suburbs. It is also recommended to prefer well-known apartment providers to over-expensive hotels since the living conditions in Prague cheap accommodation are always superior to those of the former. While economizing on rent payments, lucky guests of Prague apartments spend their holidays, a short-term vacation, or a city break with much more joy and comfort. Cheap accommodation in the center of Prague is popular with the capital’s visitors from all over the globe.

Budget accommodation in Prague

Cheap Prague accommodation in city center may just as well suit for a longer stay. Profitable discounts and special offers let the guests enjoy their stay without worrying about financial problems. Budget accommodation in Prague is perfect for whatever purpose you are visiting the capital of the Czech Republic. Comfortable, peaceful, well-furnished and characterized by exquisite service, Prague cheap accommodation is the best choice ever.


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Trips of Prague apartments


We go to the castle, originally a Gothic fortress Brandys nad Labem, the seat of emperors and kings. CECH Front Renaissance monument is a magnificent graffito výzdobou.Císař Rudolf II

Exhibition of LEGO

Phenomenal Lego is a toy called a century.

National Museum

We went on an excursion to the National Museum where the exhibition took place at the time entitled

Prague Vyšehrad

Vysehrad nearly as exciting moment, what we read in the work of Alois Jirasek.

South Tower St. Vitus accessible again

South Tower St. Vitus is again available. The tower is the highest church tower and its height is nearly 100 meters.

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