Prague Vyšehrad

Vysehrad nearly as exciting moment, what we read in the work of Alois Jirasek. Substantiated history ascribes the greatest glory to the 11th century, when it became the residence of the first Czech king Vratislav I. Today, you can admire the Cathedral of St. particular. Peter and Paul, who is one of the few buildings survived the recharge Vysehrad Hussites.

Campus Vysehrad is one of the interesting places for excursions, where its coming everyone. Children have a corrected course, fans of history may recall the ancient form of Vysehrad in Gothic cellar and a permanent exhibition at the local cemetery are buried many personalities of Czech culture, such as Karel Capek and Bedrich Smetana. The walls are then opened an impressive view over the river, either toward or Podolí contrast to the old town.

Besides the first two months of the year there has been the interesting art gallery exhibiting works from the particular present. Prague Vyšehrad However, this culture does not end at Vysehrad. In summer open amphitheater Summer scene, where he held a variety of performances year-round you can visit the Old Burgrave spaces. Organised by the number of performances there, many of them are meant for children.

If you just do not perform religious services, so you can practice all year to visit the local monument, the Cathedral of St.. Peter and Paul. In the second half of the 11th century he founded the Prince Wenceslas II, as opposed Prague Castle. For the same reasons also set up a chapter, which was independent of the bishop of Prague. Until 1763, the Pope himself is answerable.

The current form of the church dates from 1903, when was the last major reconstruction. And for 900 years of building these modifications were not enough. Initially it was just a Romanesque basilica, later to Charles IV vtisknul High Gothic appearance, which lasted until the 18th century. It's designed by Giovanna Santini's Baroque rebuilt. The last adjustment was neo. Were built on high towers and Pseudo temple interior richly decorated with ornamental figures and murals. Worth and stained glass from Francis Sequens. However, the most valuable panel painting of the Virgin Mary Deštna from 14th century. Personally, I would have praised local carillon with 15 bells playing a particular religious and national holidays.


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We go to the castle, originally a Gothic fortress Brandys nad Labem, the seat of emperors and kings. CECH Front Renaissance monument is a magnificent graffito výzdobou.Císař Rudolf II

Exhibition of LEGO

Phenomenal Lego is a toy called a century.

National Museum

We went on an excursion to the National Museum where the exhibition took place at the time entitled

Prague Vyšehrad

Vysehrad nearly as exciting moment, what we read in the work of Alois Jirasek.

South Tower St. Vitus accessible again

South Tower St. Vitus is again available. The tower is the highest church tower and its height is nearly 100 meters.

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